10 reasons to buy ADOR products for your minibus

10 reasons to buy ADOR products for your minibus

Advantages of installing ADOR products.

1. ADOR drives provide maximum Safety and comply with the UNECE international safety rules 107. The function of automatic door rollback when hitting an obstacle, emergency door opening from the outside and inside of vehicle as well as additional accessories (finger protection profile, backup power unit) ensure safe boarding and debussing of passengers.

2. Reliability. The service life of ADOR drives, depending on their type and purpose, ranges from 300 000 to 1 200 000 cycles, which is one of the best performance levels on the market.

3. Comfort is provided by both basic options (setting the opening width, speed) and additional accessories (remote control, door handle control module, touch-sensitive button).

4. Cost – competitive price level. In case of bulk purchasing, we provide significant discounts.

5. Warranty and service. Depending on the drive model, we provide from one to two-year warranty. Any client can receive support of our specialists by a toll-free call or other ways of communication 24/7.

6. Speed – a large warehouse of components and materials with 100% incoming control allows us to guarantee the execution of orders within the shortest deadlines.

7. Aesthetics. ADOR products are modern and simple – designers and engineers pay attention to every detail creating a unique style of the Product.

8. Availability. We have a large dealer network in Russia and the CIS countries as well as representative offices in Europe, the USA and South Asian countries. Installation of the equipment is carried out by experienced and certified specialists.

9. Simplicity of purchase. It is easy to order ADOR products in our online store which has clear and user-friendly interface. We accept any form of payment.

10. Exclusive options. Apart from standard equipment, you can purchase additional accessories for any drive to highlight originality and individual style of your device.

ADOR drives is the right choice! Over the 19 years of our company’s activity more than 100 000 drives have been installed worldwide (CROCO, SESAME, CAYMAN).

Welcome to the club of happy users of ADOR products!!!