CROCO or SEZAME, what to choose

CROCO or SESAME, what to choose?

The problem of choice is very urgent in the modern information age. There are SESAME and CROCO drives of the vans with sliding doors available in our shop. Both devices as everything made by ADOR are remarkable for high-qaulity assemblage, reliability and safety. Any of these devices will become an irreplaceable assistant to perform your daily tasks.

And what to choose — CROCO or SESAME? What are the differences? We have made a comparative table for you to make a right choice:

PARAMETERSCROCO automatic door driveSESAME automatic door drive
1Door opening/closing time2-4 sec.4-6 sec.
2Operating temperature range-30 to +40 С°-20 to +40 С°
3Pulling pressure30 kgf20 kgf
4Tested perfomance (open/close=cycle)800000 cycles200000 cycles
5Safety system:
6Automatic rollback (when encountering an obstruction the controller reverses the door)++
7Inner emergency opening++
8Outer emergency opening+
9Sensiitive strip protection+
10Backup power unite+
11LED flashlight+
12Price $:700500

As it is seen from the table each drive has its own peculiarities. We recomend CROCO drive for business and SESAME drive for private operation. Anyway that is your choice depending upon your needs.

Whatever you choose — CROCO and SESAME automatic door drives are the best solution for the sliding door of the vans.

Note! We have special offer regarding CROCO automatic door drives for Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit. Come in touch with our managers and they will make you this offer with pleasure working 24 /7.

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