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New Croco 112 for minibuses with left-hand doors

The products of Ador company are in popular demand not only in Russia but also abroad. Thousands of minibuses transport millions of passengers everyday safely and comfortably.

Until recently, the products of Ador were not available for the owners of the minibuses with left-hand sliding doors. Now that’s all in the past! Our company has begun to produce CROCO 112 electric drives for the minibuses with left-hand sliding doors.

The main advantages of CROCO drive:

  1. Resource has 800 000 cycles of opening/closing
  2. The drive corresponds entirely to the international regulation № 107 of the UNECE concerning the safety, has a rollback, a mechanical emergency opening from inside and outside.
  3. CROCO has got some additional comfort and safety options: a touch sensitive button, a drive control module acting from door handles, a safety sensor edge, a battery backup.
  4. It has been produced for more than 10 years, more than 60000 sets have been sold during this time.

ADOR company is interested in extending its dealership network to the United Kingdom, Australia, India, Thailand, New Zealand. If your business deals with passenger and cargo transports, you want to develop it and increase your profit, we are ready to provide you with advantageous terms of cooperation!

Let’s make a lucrative business together!!!