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CROCO 107 – the choice of the leading carriers of Russia

Mosgortras, one of the leading carriers of Russia, routed 170 Ford Transit buses equipped with ADOR automatic sliding door drives in May 2021. Quite logically, CROCO 107 was chosen from the rack-and-pinion drives of CROCO family as the most comfortable and the safest one, besides, it corresponds to regulation № 107 of the UNECE. It is encouraging that Moscow’s authorities take care of their citizens and that is a positive example for the other officials from different cities of our immense Motherland.

We remind you of the items you get having installed CROCO 107 Premium:

The reliable and faultless CROCO 107 drive with a smooth sliding door closing function and a built-in LED torch. The resource is 800000 opening/closing cycles, it corresponds to 7 years of bus using on the route.

The safety contact edge assures the passenger not to be squeezed by the sliding door when closing. If it is slightly touched, the safety edge sensors will send some pulse to the controller to return the door back in its open position.

The drive control module of door handles gives the opportunity to control the access to the bus without its driver. Now any passenger may come up to the door, pull the handle and the door will open or close automatically.

The battery backup powers up Croco 107 drive automatically moving it from dead stop in case of emergency. It allows unhindered sliding door opening from outside for the passengers to be evacuated.

The latch actuator assures a firm blocking of the door with the help of the standard latch.

The touch sensitive button has a convenient and aesthetic lighting with practically unlimited resources.

The remote control allows to control the drive being outside the vehicle.

The ADOR service support.

You may view CROCO 107 drive operation in our video presentation.

CROCO 107 set from ADOR makes your trip comfortable and safe both for the driver and for the passengers. The absolute reliability gives you a chance to forget about the problem of the sliding door opening/closing for many years.

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