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We are expanding the ADOR dealer network

Do you work in the field of conversion vans? Do you want to increase profits and start earning more? The ADOR company gives you the best offer to become a distributor of our products!

Why doing business with ADOR is beneficial?

Long-Lasting Experience:

For 18 years, ADOR has managed to create a developed network of installation and retail centers throughout Russia and other countries.. Our dealership network has more than 100 installation and retail centers around the world. The majority of minibuses in Russia are equipped with CROCO, SESAME, CABLE, TWINGO, PHOENIX drives and «STEP» footboard, which enjoy well-deserved success and even have the status of a national brand.

Great Price:

Since we are an independent manufacturer, we do not have intermediary allowances or other extra margins on products. This allows us to keep prices at a competitive level for all products of CROCO, SESAME, CABLE, TWINGO, PHOENIX, STEP and others. Becoming our dealer, you will receive a flexible system of discounts and bonuses. Your profit will only grow with an increase in sales and installations because you will satisfy the needs of customers in the comfortable and most importantly safe operation of the sliding door of the van.

High-Quality Product:

Our products are time-tested and more than 200 thousand installed drives have brought quite a large profit to the owners of installation centers and stores throughout Russia. CROCO, SESAME, CABLE, TWINGO and PHOENIX drives, complete with the STEP motorized footboard, successfully open the sliding doors of vans in America, Europe, and Asia.

Compliance with World Standards:

Constant modernization and a high technological level are supported by the design and technological departments of the company. Currently, all products comply with ISO 9001 standard.

Simple Installation:

Clear installation instructions in different languages and a 24/7 support service will help you very quickly learn how to install our products on FORD TRANSIT, MERCEDES SPRINTER, PEUGEOT BOXER, and others.

Feel free to contact our company, do business with us, and increase your profits !!!