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CROCO or CAYMAN — which to choose?

In the modern world, where information is available in unlimited quantities, the problem of choice becomes especially relevant. Our store offers rack-and-pinion electric drives for minibuses with sliding doors: SESAME, CROCO and CAYMAN. Previously, we have already made a visual comparison of the first two drives, and now it’s our turn to compare CROCO and CAYMAN.

To help you decide, we have prepared a comparison table that will help you make a choice.

IndicatorCROCO automatic door driveCAYMAN automatic door drive

Technical specifications:
Door opening/closing speed 2-4 sec 2-6 sec
Operating temperature range t – F°-40 to +104-40 to +104
Traction force of the drive30 kg*s37 kg*s
Tested performance (number of cycles)800,0001,200,000
The width of the door opening in comparisonUp to 4 inch
wider than CROCO
The maximum permissible lifting angle of the minibus at which the door will close10%15%

Drive equipment:
The button on the driver’s panel++
Door handle control module (optional)++
Remote control (optional)++
LED backlight system (lantern)++

Adjusting the opening width++
Positioning accuracy and smooth running+*+
Adjusting the opening/closing speed+

Safety system:
Automatic door rollback function when hitting an obstacle++
Internal/external emergency opening++
Protective profile (optional)+*
5Regular maintenance every 4 months Not required
 6The price of the kit for March 2024:1399$1499$
*only for special version CROCO 107

     It can be seen from this table that each drive has its own features. Both are recommended for commercial passenger transportation. But a CAYMAN with a powerful engine works perfectly in mountainous terrain, opens the door wider, has a smooth deceleration before closing and does not require regular maintenance. However, CROCO is cheaper, more practical to repair and has various versions in its line, with the possibility of connecting additional devices that improve safety.

It is worth considering the technical and aesthetic components of the installation capability. Therefore, in order to accurately and without mistakes choose between CROCO and CAYMAN, we recommend contacting our sales department specialists. They will help you choose the optimal drive and its configuration for your car.

One thing is for sure, no matter what you choose — both the CROCO and the CAYMAN are the optimal solution for the sliding door of a minibus.

You can get acquainted with the work of CAYMAN and CROCO on our Youtube channel.

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