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The maximum comfort with new option

It has already become the norm to install automatic doors in minibuses. This is not just a fashion choice, but this is a vital necessity to correspond to the modern standards of safety and comfort in public transport. The consumer demands have been increasing for years and Ador company often gets orders to design some drive control modules acting from standard bus door handles. As customer-centric approach is a core value of Ador company, we have successfully developed and tested the Door handle control module.

Why do our customers need it? First of all, this is for the convenience, there appears an opportunity to control the access to the bus without its driver. Now any passenger may come up to the door, pull the handle and the door will open or close automatically. This function is in demand for family minibuses and personnel transport, VIPs and some other purposes.

How does it work? When pushing the handle the limit switch sends the pulse to the electric drive controller and it, in its turn, moves the door of the minibus.

The module suits all main drives of the company: Croco, Sesame. It has shown the best results operating with Croco 107 drive. The module together with the above-mentioned drive was successfully tested at GAZ factory in January 2018 in accordance with the international regulation № 107 of the UNECE. You’ll get maximum safety with Croco 107 electric drive and you’ll get maximum comfort having added the module.

There are some restrictions for the module installation depending on the vehicle. Nowadays this option is available for Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter.

The module is in stock now, it can be ordered through Ador’s online store or directly by phone of the sales department.

Watch the video presentation of the module.

To sum it up, we wish you successful and safe trips providing the maximum benefit. The products of Ador company will help you in it.