Peugeot Boxer 2006-2023 CAYMAN automatic sliding door system


CAYMAN is a new drive of the rack-and-pinion type made by Ador. Its stylish design, amazing compactness and unsurpassed power allow to use it in any bus. Its multifunctionality gives a chance to set it according to the definite goals and targets. (only LHD – Left Hand Drive)

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  • The door opening is performed with the button on the dashboard, remote control (standard option) and also with the door handles (additional option).
  • The doorway is additionally illuminated with LED.
  • Stylish and ergonomic design.
  • Adjustment of door opening width.
  • Cayman is designed for the vertical installation thus it saves some place in the bus and allows to open the door 9 cm wider in comparison with the analogous drives with the horizontal installation.
  • Speed adjustment from swiftly fast to gently smooth.
  • The most powerful in its category. It allows to close the door with any inclination of the vehicle.


  • Emergency opening from inside and outside.
  • Automatic rollback to the initial position when encountering an obstruction.
  • Door fixation with standard latch.
  • Safety sensor edge (additional option).


  • Cayman corresponds to the international standards of the automobile industry.
  • Approved resources – 1 200 000 cycles (opening/closing= cycle).
  • It is made of the high quality materials.
  • Regular maintenance is not required.

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