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Novelty – Door closer for sliding doors

It is difficult even to imagine a modern passenger minibus without an automatic side sliding door. However, the automatic door dive installation does not always solve the problem of “entirely closed door” especially for minibuses with massive sliding doors, for example, Mercedes Sprinter. Such minibuses require either a maximum closing speed when the door closes with a loud clap in order to be entirely closed with two locks or a difficult adjustment of the upper lock up to its removal. The installation of a door closer is the best solution for this case.

BUSAUTODOOR company has begun the mass production of a new device – Door closer for sliding doors of minibuses. These are Door closers made by BUSAUTODOOR which provide  an assured smooth and noiseless entire closing of doors as an important factor of the passenger’s safety and comfort. These devices can be installed in any minibus with sliding door and cope magnificently with the functions. There are two types: upper and lower.

Let’s highlight some advantages and peculiarities od Door locker made by BUSAUTODOOR:

  1. A reliable device with resource more than 300 000 opening/closing cycles at intensity more than 1000 cycles per day.
  2. It provides a smooth and safe door closing without any clap protecting a door pillar from impact and thereby it considerably reduces the wear of a door construction.
  3. It does not influence any standard door mechanisms. When power is off the door can be moved manually.
  4. Low power consumption both during standby mode and tightening mode.
  5. There are no parts with increased wear.
  6. It can operate both in autonomous mode and in a combination with any automatic door drive produced by BUSAUTODOOR.
  7. Warranty period of operation is 12  months.

To get more detailed information about our novelty watch our video clip on You Tube.

It is possible to order currently Door closers in our online shop only for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Now we are constantly working on development of the product range. Use service center of  BUSAUTODOOR company for  installation.

Our Door closers will let you get a faultless operation of the sliding door and make the passenger’s trip more comfortable. Make your choice in favor of quality and reliability with BUSAUTODOOR!