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There are no trifles in safety

What does unify the following notions: safety, comfort, concern of a passenger, modern technology, simplicity of installation? That is all about the highly advanced Croco 107 drive from Ador company. We continue a series of articles on peculiarities of this drive and today we`ll pay attention to one of its components — safety contact edge.

There may arise the situation when some careless passenger hesitates in the doorway of the bus and may accidentally put his palm or fingers against the closing door. In this case, if there are a few centimetres before the door is tightly closed, the rollback function does not work and the driver has no time to react, the passenger may be badly injured. Ador company suggests an interesting and comparatively inexpensive solution — Ador safety contact edge.

The safety contact edge will assure the passenger not to be squeezed by the sliding door when closing. If it is slightly touched, the safety edge sensors will send some pulse to the controller to return the door back in its open position. Its mode of operation duplicates the operation of the control button on the dashboard or the remote control.

The safety edge is fixed with double-sided Scotch tape along the whole door edge, thus the person of any height is in the coverage of this device. The safety contact edge has passed the road testing shown its efficiency and is available now.

It is recommended to buy it exclusively with Croco 107, its controller is entirely adapted to the safety edge operation. When purchasing SAFETY drive set, there is a pleasant bonus — the safety contact edge is included as standard.

There are some restrictions regarding the safety edge installation for a number of vehicals, that is why consult the sales manager when purchasing.

Make your trips safer!

Click a link to find out the price of the safety contact edge from Ador company.

Watch the video presentation to get more detailed information about the safety edge operation.