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Space technology element in your bus

The battery backup is available now for Croco 107 set. This novelty was developed by Ador’s construction department on the base of capacitors system. The analogous schemes are used in space and aircraft industry for emergency supply systems.

This device results from regulation № 107 of the UNECE being in force in Russia. This is about unhindered sliding door opening from outside in case of emergency. Unfortunately, nowadays only a small number of carriers pays attention to this requirement. When you are anxious about your transport safety, you take care of your passengers’ life and support a top reputation of your company.

The operating principle: in case of emergency when the bus is powered off, our battery backup powers up Croco 107 drive automatically moving it from dead stop. It helps to open the door freely from outside for the passengers to be evacuated.

The price of the battery backup is. This price results from the use of supercapacitors and this is the only correct engineering solution for this kind of devices. What is the main difference between our battery backup and cheaper battery system?

  • First of all, there is no self-discharge. It means you are always sure that in case of emergency it will be powered up by 100%.
  • The temperature range of operation is from -40 to+50 ºC. You’ll agree that it is extremely important in the realities of cold or hot climate.
  • It can be charged instantly from the vehicle’s electrical circuit.
  • It has got unlimited resource.
  • It is compact and easily installed.

Ador’s battery backup together with Croco107 drive is a necessity resulting from the modern realities in transport. There is no need to skimp on passengers’ safety.

You may view the battery backup operation in our YouTube presentation about Croco 107. There is battery backup presentation starting from 1.30min.